Life is not always sweet like honey. There are also the painful sides full of lovesick and suffering. It is precisely those in which the emotional world of people often gets out of joint, fluctuates and is particularly receptive to comforting words. At such times, sad love sayings are particularly welcome, because they can signal hope to the recipient and show him that there are people around him who are happy to help and support him during this difficult time. In such phases, many people indulge in melancholy and then specifically look for sad love quotes  that reinforce their feelings. The reason that drove you to this page is irrelevant. Below you can read best sad love quotes shayari that we are now presenting to you.

Short Sad Love Quotes-

  1. Without you, every day is only gray and dark, but through you the sun comes into my heart.
  2. The worst way to miss someone is to stand by their side and know that they will never belong to you.
  3. Sad sayings For the love of you I have renounced myself. It would have been better if I had waived you out of love for me.
  4. Do you know what love is A word, a thought, an endless kiss. But love is more! Take my heart seriously because it only speaks to you once.
  5. Sad love sayings I would like to throw my heart directly at your skull, maybe you would light up then!
  6. I can delete your SMS, can delete your mails, but there is no delete button in my head! I still love you!
  7. Friendship is the art of distance, love is the art of closeness! Are we getting closer or are we taking a step back?
  8. Loving is hard, hating is easy. Because if you love nothing more, you have achieved nothing.
  9. Everything dark, there is no light! Because you are not reporting!
    That you make me so sad should show you how happy you could have made me!
  10. A relationship is a tightrope walk. And you only get to the goal together. Why don’t you go with me
  11. I can see you in my imagination.
    In my imagination I can go to you.
    In my imagination I can feel how your lips touch me.
    Is it just fantasy?
  12. Another sleepless night, again just for you. Cried all night again, another morning when everything seems hopeless. Again I realize: I still love you!
  13. Behind an iron grille is a heart that cries so bitterly. Pick it up, don’t break it because it says: I LOVE YOU!
  14. Whoever chases after love will never reach it, whoever waits for love.
    It is love that holds the world together.
  15. Learn to love without crying, even if your heart says: That or none!
  16. You asked what I love I said I love my life. You went away disappointed and didn’t know that you were my life!
  17. If I had known that our love would fall into the water, I would have become a fish!
  18. Your eyes cold and empty, your words often hurt so much! And yet a fire blazes in you, which tells me your love is mine forever!
  19. Life is like a theater! Everyone gets a role. I got the most difficult one. First love, then forget!
  20. Your eyes are cold and empty, your voice is silent. It’s over, the time is up. But I can’t live without you, there’s only one reason for it: I LOVE YOU!

  1. The only person in the world you can hate is the one you love. Because only he can really hurt you!
  2. For those who love, life has stronger colors. You make my black and white color television.
  3. For me you are sweeter than chocolates, more delicate than silk, more radiant than the sunrise, hotter than the desert sand, more sparkling than champagne, more sensual than a kiss. But unfortunately as unreachable as a star.
  4. You’re breaking my heart! It’s a good thing there are so many good adhesives on the market.
  5. But I’m no longer interested in what you’re doing, how you’re doing, where you are or who you’re laughing with!
  6. Do you see the tears on my face My heart is suffering terribly. Do you feel the deep pain in me? I’m so scared that I will lose you
  7. Even strong people can get hurt and break into a thousand pieces. They just learned to do it without noise.
  8. Almost every woman would like to be loyal. It’s just difficult to find a man you can be loyal to.
  9. Me and you, you and me … Oh, don’t give a shit, I don’t need you. because you hurt me too deep!
  10. All we want is someone to come to us and say: I will heal all your scars – all your scars in your heart.
  11. One day you will ask me: “What is more important to you, you or my life?” I will say “My life …” and you will go without knowing that you are my life.
  12. Learn to appreciate the one who cannot live without you
    and do not run senselessly after the one who is happy without you.
  13. It’s too late now. Too late to tell you that I love you. Because now, right now, you are not with me but with her – the new person.
    But I haven’t stopped loving you
    I love you!
  14. You are like a hurricane that surrounds me. I feel good in his eye, but then I see the devastation you have caused and my views are all offended.
  15. You think i hate you Not correct! I despise you! Because hating is a feeling and you don’t deserve feelings.
  16. Maybe I don’t cry, but it hurts. Maybe I don’t say it, but I break inside. Maybe I don’t show it, but I’m deeply hurt …
  17. When we first saw each other I fell in love with you because you are the person I want to spend my life with. But I don’t know if you feel the same for me because you are the one who stole my heart. I love you!
  18. Tell him he’s your life. Tell him he was the only one who could make you happy. Tell him you’ll love him forever, but don’t say you said it with tears in your eyes!
  19. People who step into your life and leave after a month or two are not the love you need. But they leave wounds like tattoos, an eternal pain in the heart and a huge hole in the soul.

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